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Welcome and thank you for visiting! Notes from a Dead Planet is the honest truth about the end of life on Earth. Humans' instincts and our corporate society will doom us to extinction -unless you prove me wrong.


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The Birth of Adam
-a novel


As college students in the early 1960s, Laura, her husband Walter, and friends David, Simon, and Dario, realize global warming, mass extinction, and overpopulation will cause the collapse of global ecosystems. Follow their lives, loves, and struggles to save life on Earth. Based on the concepts in Notes from a Dead Planet.  

About Notes from a Dead Planet

     Notes from a Dead Planet describes the multiple accelerating threats to life on Earth caused by our destruction of the web of living things (the ecosystem). The world is dying from human overpopulation (overconsumption), climate chaos, and the last great mass extinction.

     We share all organisms' drive to reproduce and consume natural resources, but we've defeated the natural restraints that keep other species in check - and that instinct is more powerful than reason and morality. 

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Every Child is Another Consumer

We are devouring nature, a form of suicide. We are part of nature, not overlords, and as the ecosystem crashes, we are crashing with it.

Notes from a Dead Planet has practical and humane solutions to the overconsumption/overpopulation problem.

We Just Drove These Species Extinct

Soon it will be us.

This is what happens as nature crashes. Notes from a Dead Planet has solutions to the mass extinction problem.

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Floods Are Drowning Us

Global warming brings rising seas and torrential rains.

Floods, violent weather, record-breaking temperature extremes, and droughts are destroying our homes and infrastructure, ruining our crops, and killing us outright. Civilization can't withstand rapidly increasing disasters. Notes from a Dead Planet has solutions, but only if we make the necessary sacrifices.

Corporate-Owned Governments Have Betrayed Us

Smoke and mirrors, blah blah blah

The denial of climate change by Trump and the disgraceful performance of Biden at COP26 are just the two most recent illustrations that governments work for the one percent and corporations, not the people or the planet. We have to #starvethecorporations before we can expect governments to rescue humanity.


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Public Recognition

BookLife review:

As a sequel to Notes from a Dying Planet, 2004-2006, Brown’s eye-opening and often terrifying survey explores what has happened to Earth regarding overpopulation, mass extinction, and climate change in the last two decades. Aiming to provoke action, Brown painstakingly–and unstintingly–lays out the evidence, drawn from hundreds of articles and studies, of what he calls the “planetary death,” detailing the uptick in extreme weather and climate-related catastrophes, the warning signs that too often languish unheeded, and the likely increasingly horrific disasters we can expect in the future. While he never sugarcoats anything, Brown also offers guidance to steps that readers can take to mitigate these compounding dangers—if we as a species really do want to continue living on the planet we call home.

Brown’s core message—that we have very little time to make massive, life-altering changes in order to save life on the planet as we know it—is delivered alongside copious links covering topics that range from media misinformation to political movements. He never shies away from his fears that we have gone too far as a species to be able to reign in the incredible damage already done, which means the book may prove too wrenching for readers who prefer a sunnier outlook.

Brown sounds a resonant alarm about what’s likely to come if immediate action is not taken, and his advice about alternative personal habits and choices that any of us can make are welcome, though some of the recommendations are challenging. Brown suggests humans stop procreating, arguing “there will be enough younger people to carry on due to accidental pregnancies and births,” and he advises an immediate end to mass tourism that results in unaffordable ecological damage. His writing will spark a fear for the future, but readers will walk away empowered to make personal changes to thwart some of the most dire consequences of resource waste and pollution.

Takeaway: A stark analysis of the threats to our planet, with a provocative call to action for environmentally aware readers.


Notes from a Dying Planet: Is Life on Earth Doomed? Living to 100 Club, 12/01/2021


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