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Excerpts from Dead Planet: the Introduction

Accelerating trends of human behavior and indicators of ecological collapse. The human behavior indices in the left column of the graph closely parallel the ecological ones in the right column, because the behaviors are causing the collapse. Dead Planet argues that humans are incapable of ending these planet-killing behaviors. Source:

A Premise and a Challenge

     It is the premise of this book that life on Earth will come to an end by the end of this century, a view increasingly shared by others. I say this for two reasons, that apply right now: a) the present state of our planet is not compatible with continued life; and b) humans have not developed the traits necessary to return our planet to viability, because we have evolved inappropriate behavior patterns for the problems we face. I’m not alone in this conviction: for example, many top climate scientists are skeptical at this point that nations will rein in global warming.

     My challenge to you is to prove me wrong. In the ensuing chapters, I describe the human-caused (anthropogenic) processes killing life on Earth, what we have done to cause them, what we must do to reverse them (except for the irreversible ones), and the obstacles: the one percent, corporations, and the governments they own. 

     In the book, I back up my assertions with hundreds of links to articles. 

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A Little Background

Notes from a Dying Planet

Notes from a Dead Planet 2022 is a sequel to Notes from a Dying Planet 2004 – 2006, published fifteen years ago. In the earlier book I described how Planet Earth was dying (and had been for some time) due to human destruction. The causes were Overpopulation, Mass extinction, and Global warming – giving new meaning to “OMG”. I described our species as akin to frogs being slowly boiled to death, most of us unaware because it wasn’t yet hot enough.

Today, most educated people around the world are well aware of at least parts of the problem, but are far too complacent to save our ecosphere (hence “dead planet” of the title). Unfortunately, in the United States, far from the best-educated nation (Most Republicans Say Colleges Hurt America) and perhaps the most serious culprit behind planetary death, awareness of this lethal combination of threats is possibly the lowest among developed countries.

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Corporate-Owned Politicians Are Condemning us to Extinction

Be clear: most "leaders" have no conscience

     In 2016, voters in the US had to choose between two of the most dangerous candidates for president in history, and Donald Trump was the most dangerous presidential candidate for the planet ever (It's Raining in Antarctica While Trump Slashes Climate Science Funding; Trump just nominated a climate skeptic to USDA’s top science post; Donald Trump and Ryan Zinke Are Purging Climate Scientists for Telling the Truth), but his was just the latest of endless criminal administrations going back to before the American Revolution – a sordid history of rapacious looting of other peoples’ and the planet’s resources.

     The Biden administration’s great climate plans (Biden opens new federal office for climate change, health and equity; Biden’s proposed tenfold increase in solar power would remake the US electricity system; Biden’s new plan will dot US coastlines with wind farms) are a shameful display of hypocrisy. Here are some examples: The Biden administration is restarting oil and gas leasing even though it doesn’t have to; Team Biden quietly approved a fat subsidy for one of America's top coal suppliers; Biden’s Forest Service to facilitate quadrupling of oil production; Biden to Unleash 'Irrevocable Climate Chaos' if US Fracked Gas Export Projects Proceed; Days after COP26, US pledge to cut aviation emissions gets rerouted; 'Lighting the Fuse on a Massive Carbon Bomb': Biden Rebuked on Eve of Drilling Lease Sale.



Selling Business as Usual

The power of climate deniers, fueled by the industries, fossil fuel companies. front groups, and individuals most responsible for Earth’s demise, has hindered meaningful action on OMG at home and abroad. Claims of climate deniers are inconsistent, and often mutually contradictory. They have been debunked over and over, but many of the corporate media still promote them because that’s what they’re paid to do – or punished for not doing (Climate misinformation on Facebook viewed 1.4 million times daily). There is a current fad of Congressional investigation of fossil fuel company disinformation campaigns, but we can expect such investigations to subside with few consequences.