Chapter 5:

Individual Action

United action has revolutionized society before. Now, more than ever, a revolution is needed.

No, we don't need drama. We need committed, hard work and sacrifice by everyone. And that kind of solidarity can be very satisfying and a thrill.

     For a full description of the many things you can and should be doing, please buy Notes from a Dead Planet. You'll be surprised at what you can be doing, and how you can save money for important things to reduce your ecological footprint and press for rapid change. 

Chapter 6:
Nations Have Been Doing It Wrong

Ever wondered why, with three decades of international negotiations, there has been zero progress? Look at the total lack  of impact of international efforts on atmospheric CO2 concentration. No headway has been made on the problems of overpopulation/resource consumption or the current mass extinction, either.

The international conferences like COP26 last year are perfect excuses for delay, which suits corporations and the wealthy just fine.

     Most of the real progress in reversing the global collapse has been through independent action. 

     Notes from a Dead Planet has a revolutionary approach to national programs to reverse collapse.

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Chapter 7:
The Real World

Chapter 7 illustrates actions being taken around the world - both constructive and destructive.

Although the measures proposed in Notes from a Dead Planet may appear too daunting, every single one of them has been demonstrated to be feasible, and constructive. Taken together, they may be enough to reverse collapse - but time is up, we must act now. No more blah blah blah, as Greta Thunberg has said.

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Chapter 8:
Folies Internationales

Corporations and the wealthy have booby-trapped national and international laws and treaties to make the actions necessary to reverse collapse impossible.

     The world's financial systems are rigged to permit corporations and the wealthy not only to shirk their responsibilities, but to actually steal from the less well off.

     International monetary organizations that provide loans to struggling countries impose harsh conditions on those loans that facilitate extraction of money from the victim countries into the coffers of the wealthy and corporations.

     Disaster capitalism, so named by Naomi Klein, is the practice of taking advantage of economic disasters caused by social upheavals, natural disasters, and military/economic overthrow, to transfer money from vulnerable parties to corporations. 

     You will be appalled when you read about the treaties that actually supersede national laws and policies needed for effective action.